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Monday Drawing Jam was a live-drawing event by and of seven artists. We are in Newark, Dallas, Wales, Brooklyn, Italy, Oakland, and Raleigh. Since April 2020, we have met weekly on zoom to make quick portraits.


See work by Yvette Molina, Jenn Dierdorf, Keer Tanchak, Dorry Spikes, BA Thomas, and Jacqueline Ferrante at Monday_Drawing_Jam

Install NAF no scale_edited.jpg

Newark Arts Festival: Creative Resilience, 2021

A striking aspect of our project is seeing one portrait-sitter six different ways: as six others saw her that day. At a time when being seen was rare, these images were evidence of being in the world. Read this installation top to bottom to identify each artist by row . Read it left to right, by column, to see the same artists as subject-matter: Keer, Dorry, Melisa, Yvette, Jenn, Jacqueline, and BA. 


Photos by Kuff Knotz 

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